grape seed extract

OPC stands for Oligomeric Proantho Cyanidins. It is a type of very influential dietary supplement. The main sources of this component are the products of the plants like the grape seed extract, pine bark extract from the French maritime pine tree, and red wine extract from which different types of this mix is extracted. The main function of the OPC as a potent antioxidant is to defuse the complimentary radicals and their related oxidative injures thus providing a shielding effect all the way through the entire body. This antioxidant is more powerful than the other major components like the Vitamin E, Vitamin C and other two antioxidants. The other common terms used instead of OPC are pycnogenol, proanthocyanidin, leucoanthocyanin and leukocyanidin. The opc supplements are not so easy to recognize without the help of a specialist and an apparatus as they are very intricate. The flavan-3-ol flavonoids molecules form the POC. One of the greatest and most reasonably priced resources of OPC is the grape seed extract which is the best antioxidant type that has a high influence in the human body and immunity system.

Importance of OPC


The scientific research has proved OPC as the most powerful antioxidant as well as bioflavanoids. It gets readily absorbed by the body and thereby fights against the complimentary radicals when consumed as a natural food supplement. They mainly influence the circulatory system and enhance the circulation of blood by strengthening the capillaries, arteries and veins.OPC is derived from Grape Seed Extract which helps to   redevelop the antioxidant properties of vitamin C and vitamin E by working with these antioxidant vitamins by avoiding the early weakening of these components due to the oxidizing effect.



This component possesses an intrinsic anti-inflammatory action which can help to prevent the inflammation which is normally related to the swelling resulting from some stains in the ankle. Along with the functionality of keeping a proper flow of blood, the damaging effects of the free radicals are nullified by the OPCs. It can help to prevent the diseases resulting from poor nutrition and make the body function in a refined manner by providing a great support. The OPC antioxidant enhances the resisting ability against the stroke and bruising by  working  as a intrinsic anti-histamine and also prevents  the body cells  from discharging  the  histamine thereby decreasing  the unfavorable causes of histamine. The immunity system can be improved with the opc supplements.